I Hope That You Like Books

Hey! It’s about time for new school books! Considering that for the fall semester I spent $500 on books and $711 on camera stuff (not including the flash that I bought for the wedding), this semester’s bill of about $120 to $150 ain’t so bad. I suppose that I didn’t need that 50mm lens for the photo class, but — no, I did. I sleep with it like a teddy bear. I do still have most of a box of paper left. Hmm.

Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light by Patrick McGilligan
Unix Systems Programming: Communication, Concurrency and Threads, Second Edition by Kay Robbins, Steve Robbins
Modern Compiler Implementation in ML by Andrew W. Appel

Note: if my dad wants to keep his promise to buy my books, he’s behind by like $1500 to $2000 now. I guess he’s just not able to budget a hundred dollars a month for me. Promises, promises.

5 Responses to “I Hope That You Like Books ”

  1. I think you should mail him an invoice.

  2. Better yet, let’s get everyone you know together, pile into cars, caravan over to your dad’s house, and do an INTERVENTION. He stills owes me over $18,000 in back child support. Maybe we could collect that too. YEEESSSS!

  3. Oh, wait. Adjusted for inflation, that would be over $108,000. Now we’re talking.

  4. Payable to me, since I was the child in question. ;)

  5. Oh, absolutely! Perhaps a small “finder’s fee” to your old ma, eh?

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