Nude Years Resolutions

Everyone’s doin’ the resolution dance.

After an investigation of my logs, as many as dozens of people read this blog. I resolve to organize this group of people into a loose army — a militia, if you will. Maybe just a mob This group will now be my Angry Mob. And my mom. My mom reads my blog. I don’t think she’s stalking me — she’s just doing what moms do.

I resolve to call my friends and ask them if they would like to do something, regardless of my fear of rejection. Sarah will be back soon, but I’m still gonna try to get my own life going again. Example fun things to do: art, music, food, film, bowling, etc.

I resolve to not dread doing non-productive things at places other than home. This one is hard to explain, but I get antsy in the pantsy when I’m sitting around doing things like watching movies any place other than home, or with other people.

I resolve to resolve the disparity between, or unite the strengths of, my variant personas. I’ve been reserved and quiet, loud and wild, exacting and careless. I’ve felt more than I thought I could bear and been machinelike in numbness. This year I reintegrate my self, as lame as that sounds.

I resolve to rock out really hard.

I resolve to take it easy.

I resolve to do some Work, as in Art. I can’t believe that I just said that.

I resolve to not put off studying.

I resolve to not be six kinds of trouble.

I resolve to be open and honest.

I resolve to shock people a little more.

I resolve to take care of the people whom I love.


3 Responses to “Nude Years Resolutions ”

  1. I, your mom, resolve to QUIT stalking you.

  2. I resolve to invite you (and a guest of course) over for dinner.

  3. I resolve to make a trip to Minneapolis. A real visit this time, with fun inclusions!

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