Penny Dish Wish

Every day I shop at the Gopher Express convenience store in the basement of Coffman (where I work). Since Minnesota has a dearth of fountains, and in the winter they tend to be empty, I came up with a new superstitious activity: I make a wish every time I throw a penny in the “Need a Penny Take a Penny Have a Penny Leave a Penny” dish. Some days I throw three or four in and make a different wish each time.

It’s an effective barometer and predicts my emotional weather. I won’t tell you what I actually wish for, because then it won’t come true (just because I don’t believe in the supernatural doesn’t mean that I’m not superstitious), but you should totally tell me what you wish for, because I am nosy, and if you tell me, I might just grant your wish.

As long as it’s dirty.

I mean, not dirty.

Okay, well, as long as I only watch in your wish. That’s cool. I can look without feeling too guilty.


2 Responses to “Penny Dish Wish ”

  1. All year I’ve been in a rut. This time I wanna do it in the butt.

  2. I’ll pass on watching that one, Paul. Be careful what you wish for, though. Did you ever hear the tale of the monkey’s paw?

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