Lord of the Flies

Lisa in in Hawaii right now, leaving just the boys behind to mind the house. Stan, Noah, and I are planning on spending tomorrow night drinking beers and watching sports on the TV while sitting on the couch in boxers and wife beater t–shirts. I fully expect that by next Wednesday we will be roasting whole chickens over an open fire in the middle of the living room while wearing naught but loincloths and war paint.

Whole turduckens.

Whole cowpiggoatturkduckenquailcornish whatnots.

I’m just saying that there will be a lot of meat being cooked.

“Hi, Lisa, we bought you a shovel.”

“A what?”

“A shovel, so you can shovel the garbage and porno out of the house.”

“It’s YOUR job to take out the garbage, whether in bags or shovels.”


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