I got a fisheye Lomo for Xxx-mas.

Zach Zach Legomaniacal
Zach at work. This is why nothing gets done.

I Hope That You Like Balls
Yes, I have a guitar. Sarah took this.

fisheye dodi
Lisa has a dog. Dog’s name is Dodi. Sometimes I call her “puddles.”

Non-Lomo pictures follow:

The other night I went with Elise, Ian, and Dan to play pinball.

Pinball is as awesome as I remembered. I played Addams Family Pinball. She missed me, but pretended that she didn’t, so she ran hot and cold to my touch.

Elise and I did not like the smoke. She sat down for a bit outside.

Oh yeah, just because I’m bored, I’ll put this up, too:
This is what happens when I grow facial hair.

4 Responses to “Fisheyed ”

  1. What on earth is that thing in your mouth?

  2. A battery! I’m all charged up!

  3. You know… Dan has slept on my floor. Why haven’t YOU slept on my floor?

  4. I’m holding out for sleeping next to you. I don’t know why I didn’t when I had the chance.

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