This is the tattoo that will go on my forearm:
El Corazon

I made up my mind, and then did my “crazy idea” check with various friends. Melody said that I should go do it tonight, but Steady is the only place open, and I think for a Mexican themed tattoo I should ask Charlie at the Inklab. I’ve seen his book of work, and I like it. Unfortunately, my week is jam packed with class, and my weekend will be spent doing a road trip, so I’m gonna have to call and work out a time in advance, which is more terrifying than permanently marking up my skin.

After that, I will have to contract a pinup artist to put the lady together for my upper arm. I have someone in mind (Chandler), but she has no idea what’s going on in my head. If she can’t figure it out from this post (Chandler), she’ll find out this weekend (Chandler).

Then, you know, as vast sums of money become available to me, full sleeves, and then puzzle pieces over the entirety of my body. Also “welcome to my pants” in my pants region.

And Cthulu.

And pirates fighting ninjas on the last supper table, with Jesus throwing lightning bolts and drinking from a pimp cup that says JESUS in rhinestones. He could turn water in to wine, you KNOW he was a pimp.

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  1. While I’m not sure if you are serious or not, I too am getting a tattoo soon. I’m not sure what I want exactly yet, but I want it to cover my whole upper arm.

    My brother uses a guy named Kyle at Leviticus. My brother and his fiancee have some awesome tattoos from this guy. You might want to check him out too. But I really liked the Ink Lab work shown on their website.

    Also, there are a few Mexican tattoo place on Lake Street, I just don’t know if they speak any Ingles.

  2. I have heard good things about Leviticus too, but I think Charlie is the guy for this one. Especially since his nickname is “Loco”.

    For pinups, I still love Megan Hooglands work at Cactus Tattoo in Mankato. Impressive is an understatement.

    I can’t wait for your full back tattoo of The Last Supper. Kick ass. And OUCH. I’m not sure I could handle a sitting that long unless it had a lot of color.

  3. Am very excited for the tattoo, sweetie! I want to come with you when you get it done, so I can photograph the process for you. I meant to say that last night but was really out of it, if you couldn’t already tell!

  4. Kyle at Leviticus has some nice stuff up on his page:

  5. Um…

  6. Yessssss?

  7. Hmm! Who is this Chandler person? She sounds like the kind of hussy that would draw pin-up girls.

    What’s that?

    Oh, yeah. She says she’s in.

    How about a Cthulu pinup? “Whoops, my clothes fell off!!”

  8. P.S. “El Corazon???” Not “El Diablito???”

    Ah, memory game cards from Spanish class…

  9. I wear my heart on my sleeve — El Diablito is inside of me.

  10. Hah. I’m commenting on your website. I got a tattoo on my forearm just 2 days ago. DOO ITTT.

  11. I am honored to be the one who inspired the timing. I can’t wait to see it!

    All this talk of tattoos helps remind me to put lotion on my new addition. So thanks for that!

  12. Chris (ckdake): where are your tat pics? We want to see!

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