h0bbel is a Viking

My Viking name is “Jósurr Quickthews”. Stop bogarting my Viking Name — get yer own!

5 Responses to “h0bbel is a Viking ”

  1. Sæuðr Björnsdottir. I’m scanning stuff in the grad lab & have nothing better to do than leave comments on your posts. :)

  2. Comments beget comments, so you make my site look more popular!

  3. Greetings - I am Nikulás Heavyaxe. We should post comments on each others blogs and make both more popular!

  4. Kóri Thickmouth it is. How appropriate!

  5. Herdís Dogchaser. “The tougher Vikings might let you on the boat, but generally only when they need ballast. You have a thirst for battle — unfortunately, you’re not terribly good at it. Vikings would be calling you a “tree-hugging hippie peacenik” if the phrase had been invented.”

    I am humbled.

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