Re: [MN-Subaru] Since we’re all talking about super sticky summer tires

Of course it snows again. Welcome to Minnesota, I suppose. I got inadvertantly sideways (while driving in a straight line) on highway 7 in Hopkins tonight. If you're driving in the tracks, make sure that you pay attention when the tracks swerve. I hit 7″+ deep sno-cone material and the
car just snapped sideways 80 degrees to the direction that I had been going. Thank goodness that I had gotten half a mile ahead of the cars
behind me.

Right as I straightened out again a person coming the other way went into the median. Then, not a quarter mile later, I saw a car in the opposite lane silhouetted against the headlights of the traffic coming that way - completely sideways.
Oh well. Not much snow left, I think.

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