Magical Thinking

What is it that makes us think that wishes we cast change anything?

Tonight’s Hitchcock class was the best so far: we watched the 39 Steps, which is a generally flawless movie. I actually turned to Sarah and asked if we could go to Scotland, and we all know how I view the non-Irish parts of the British Isles with disdain. Seriously, why go to Scotland where Ireland is right there? Same thing with London, but at least I can understand why people go there.

Sarah’s gonna beat my ass for dissing Scotland.

4 Responses to “Magical Thinking ”

  1. All I got to say is Scotch. And OVD. That’s why for Scotland!! You’ll change your mind when we go. Trust me.

  2. I can buy Scotch here.

    Ireland has Irish whiskey, and Guinness.

  3. But Kilts! Wait… that really wouldn’t do anyting for you (I hope!)
    And you can buy Irish whiskey here as well as Guinness.

  4. You can’t buy real Guinness here.

    Okay, you can have your men in kilts, I’ll take the Irish ladies. Or vice versa.

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