Back Piece

This is what I doodled in class the other day:
Enter The Kraken

I may or may not doodle more in the class “Introduction to the Series of Tubes Frequently Referred to by the Sobriquet ‘the Internets,’ Or, If You Are In Especially Refined Company ‘the World Wide Watermelon,’” so if I do, you’ll get to see. I think that the Kraken should be bigger — otherwise it’s just a giant squid.

9 Responses to “Back Piece ”

  1. I think the ship is missing one very important thing: big-breasted, blonde-braided Viking women!

  2. Whats up with all the Viking references?

  3. I dunno, I think that I just got tired of pirates and ninjas…

  4. Okay, that’s just weird. I’ve been working all week on a kraken-related piece for Alex’s care package bound for Russia. It features “St. Pete’s Attackin’ Kraken” and will include a box of 16 Crayola crayons for coloring. I’ll scan it when it’s done and show you.


  5. I’d say that great minds think alike, but really, I’m just a simple fellow.

    Cephalopods are a fairly recent addition to my personal mythos, but they rooted deeply.

    Cases in point:

    Octopus With Diver

    Squid With Heart

    I Want To Believe
    I Want To Believe

    I want to see the colored version of your Kraken.

  6. you should go back and rescue that guy in the lower right hand corner.

  7. he could be rescued by Vikings Cheerleaders, for example, sort of beast of broth worlds. Souper.

  8. A real ninja wouldn’t accept my help.

  9. Also “viking” cheerleaders who do not wear breasplates or call themselves Valkyries do not deserve my attention.

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