What Goes Up?

I got the negatives back from the first roll of print film to pass through my new camera. I had Target process them and give me an index print, but didn’t get any prints, so I had to fix my desktop and get the slide scanner running again before I could see if the steampunk-style focusing of my new Yashica Auto Focus (circa 1978 or so) actually worked. Indeed, the loud grinding of whirring and grinding of gears did in fact yield reasonable focus, but at 28mm, I’d hope the lens could get there.

Here’s some snow:

This is not from the new camera, but from the fisheye that I blame for my regained interest in photography. You may notice that it emphasizes my honey tummy. Silly old bear.

Here’s another picture of snow. I think that I used a little fill flash. For the record, the Yashica Auto Focus has a little pop up flash that pops up more easily than a fourteen year old boy in sweatpants. Fortunately, an accidentally deployed flash doesn’t require a hunched over walk to the boy’s bathroom with a math notebook hiding your shame.

Oh, this one’s a fish eye again. I shot it before Zach’s birthday, but somehow it languished in my binder for a couple of weeks. It follows the tree theme from before, but this time in color. Also, it’s in soft focus.

Okay, the new camera again. I wish that it had manual focus and manual settings.

So, pictures mean posts, and posts are good for everyone, so I should take more pictures. In order to take more pictures, I should get a new camera, like a Voigtlander Bessa R2A — or a Leica. Or maybe just a new/used digital. We’ll see. I have programming to do. Or something.

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  1. No new camera while living with your parents. Unless you are buying it for us, that is.

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