Canon, Canonet

My mom and I went to look at an apartment Saturday morning. Afterwards, we drowned my disappointment at the Mill City Cafe in Northeast. I took a roundabout way there, and on the way, my mom spotted a red robot in a window.

“Look! There’s a robot in the window of that antique shop!” she said. I glanced over and declared that my hunger was too great — we would have to visit after breakfast.

Little did I know that there was a cute, black rangefinder camera there.

After breakfast we stopped at the antique shop. I went straight for a camera case, which held a disappointing plastic polaroid camera that uses some weird roll film. I commented to my mom that this wasn’t the sort of camera in which I was interested. The proprietress of the shop dug around and pulled out an overstuffed bag full of camera cases. I was ready to dismiss the whole thing, but the first case that I pulled out said “Canonet” on the front. My brain clicked instantly: Canon’s small fixed lens rangefinder camera from the seventies or so. I opened the case and saw the magic number “17,” which indicated a super fast f/1.7 lens.

“Howmuchhowmuchhowmuch,” I asked, betraying my own excitement. I tested the battery, the meter, and the shutter while talking excitedly and opening and closing the back somewhat uncontrollably. It probably wasn’t the best idea — the $40 asking price for the bag seemed to not include the promised 50% off. Oh well. I got around Lisa’s remonstration to not buy any cameras when my mom agreed to buy it for me.

Thank you, mom!

I called Sarah in the car. She was on the beach in Miami. There was much, much rejoicing. Now I have a camera that I can stuff into my bag to carry to school with me. I just need a lens cap and a faster case: something more like a pocket. I’ll figure that out.

Another glamour shot:

And now, pictures from the new (antique) camera:

Surprise! It’s the top of a tree!

Noah is a ham.

Aww, it’s my car!

And one more of Noah, this time on the computer.

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  1. You know what that is, don’t you? That’s an incredibly desirable and rare all black Canonet QL GIII. It’s worth at least $300. I have a silver one (mechanically its exactly the same camera), but Canon made a very limited series in all black specifically to be more discreet in appearance for street photographers. It’s taken me a minute to figure out how to get really nice pictures from her, but she seems to prefer slower speed film and soft afternoon light….

    Seriously - the silver version is worth at least $100, and your black one is definitely worth north of $300. That’s the last rangfinder Canon made at it’s the best compact rangefinder they ever manufactured. You lucked out!

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