New Digs

I signed up for an apartment down on the edge of Steven’s Square. I hope that the building is haunted.

It looks something like this, and it’s pretty big*:



*(that’s what she said)

4 Responses to “New Digs ”

  1. nice. when’s the move? will you need any assistance?

  2. Next weekend, if all goes well, and I probably will.

  3. I like how they show the doors to the rooms, but not the rooms themselves. It’s like they are trying to show the layout of the place, but since you don’t know what the doorways are to, it’s impossible to figure out.

    The haunted idea might be spot on, since this ad clearly shows lots of doors for the shadowy figures to haunt as well as exits for you to run through. This is the place with two front doors, right?

  4. YES!!!! Have truck, will help move. Let us know when. Do you need boxes? Do you need beer? Do you need snacks?

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