Picking a Process

Sorry, no pictures today — I’ve been shooting HP5 in my new Canon Canonet QL17 G-III, which means that I am at the tender mercies of Sarah to either develop my film for me or sneak me into a lab to process my film myself.

That’s not very fair to Sarah, especially since I’ve started to shoot more than her. It’s not “hey, could you do a roll or two of mine when you process your sixty rolls,” it’s “hey, could you do a roll or two of yours when you process my sixty rolls?” Oh well, depending on the results, I might switch back to film that I can have processed at Target. If this newfangled “black and white” yields nicer results than classic “color” film, I might be tempted to join the University Darkroom thingamajig, or take the “advanced silver process” class.

I saw a brick of slide film on ebay for cheap that makes me want to get some cross processing done. Hello, LOMO…

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