Keelhaul it!

Paul has been busy redesigning this website for maximum awesome.

Prepare for boarding:
Blood.  Skulls.  Awesome.

Forgive me for being cagey about the subject, but there may be a launch party in my new apartment on the 21st. You should call, email, facebook, myspace, or instant message me for details — assuming that I don’t hunt you down and demand your booty* first.

*treasure. Really. It’s a pirate thing.

8 Responses to “Keelhaul it! ”

  1. You need this piece for your art collection. Seriously. Nothing better than a stranger’s vagina to tie the room together.

  2. Dear Lisa: I know that “a stranger’s vagina” should clue us in, but since some of us are a little slow, please try to mark Not Safe For Work links with a “NSFW.”

    That said, I already ordered two.

  3. Dear Jesse: Since your entire blog is NSFW I thought it would be redundant.

    That said, it’s really mine. No. Really.

  4. BTW, you should hire these cats to play at your party:

  5. Oh, and in comment overload: no, it really is not my vagina. That live body mold is only for Stan.

  6. Enough with your vagina.

  7. Yeah I am sure if this “partay” is not conflicting with things I would love to be considered to be robbed of my bounty.

  8. WOW! I just did a search to see where my site is being talked about (goggled it). Well…”stranger” no more…I am the artist and the model. And yes, actually Salvadora is a great way to bring a room to completion! What me to send you one? :)
    All the best,

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