Make With The Pictures

I took several hundred pictures over the weekend.

Burger Time:
Burger Time

Burger Time:
Burger Time

One better than Motel 6
Motel 7

Tubgirl the Chocolate Fountain:

Kay’s Kitchen in Saint Joseph, Minnesota
Kay's Kitchen

Cowboy Up
$300 hat

This street is NP Complete

Sarah Sarah Sarah

The sky is extra blue in North Dakota

You can tell the religion of those cookies:

Stop taking pictures of the tops of trees, Jesse:

There is seriously something wrong with the sky in North Dakota, it’s like being in outer space:

What do the letters M and F stand for?

Sarah, again, because, you know, Sarah and all that.

Fiber Optic cake topper:

Sarah really likes this picture of her cousin Nate’s girlfriend Tiffany:

We may have been horsing around in the corpse free cemetery:

Sarah wore a new dress:

There may have been dancing:

Sarah’s parents may have been dancing:

Uncle Rick and Cousin Nicole:

Hokey Pokey, or Chicken Dance, or something:

Okay, lunch time is over.

8 Responses to “Make With The Pictures ”

  1. Awesome pictures, sweetie! I wish we would’ve thought to take at least one of us together… silly photograhers! As for my eyes closed on those images of me in the cemetery: we can rephotograph in similar light at roughly the same angle/pose & photoshop my open eyes into these shots. An idea.

  2. Sarah, you looooook divine! Even with your eyes closed. Hey, maybe you’re contemplating heaven or something.

  3. She’s contemplating where she fell from — you know, being an angel and all.

  4. 1. I have to barf now, after that angel comment.

    2. The cookie caption had me on the floor.

    3. Did you know that Burger Time is Christ-ey? The architecture even references a church layout. If White Castle is the world’s only crenellated fast food restaurant, Burger Time is the only one with a transcept, a nave, and an apse.

  5. We did it in the “apse.”

  6. A fiber optic cake topper? No. No. No. No. This is one of the many reasons you should not get married at 19.

    Tee, hee, “apse”! And another for “main cock.”

  7. Reade: The shawl/wrap you gave me was a perfect touch to the outfit!

  8. I guess I missed out on all the fun….where was that cemetary at, I needed a nap!

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