GalleryCon 2007

I have volunteered the fair city of Minneapolis (and, to a lesser extent, the rustic and slightly off smelling but generally sincere and pleasant village of Saint Paul) as the setting for a small convention of the international open source developers who write and maintain Gallery. There are some questions that need answering, like where should we have our big expensive dinner?

City Pages

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Walker Museum
Guthrie Theater
Minnesota Center for Photography
Science Museum of Minnesota
Weisman Art Museum

University of Minnesota (meeting rooms, kids to recruit, wireless internetz)
Jesse’s floor (sleeps several)
Several pub crawlable neighborhoods
Casinos are an easy drive
Mall of America (then again, that might be a negative)
Lakes and parks

What are your thoughts?

13 Responses to “GalleryCon 2007 ”

  1. We’re getting a houseboat for the pond. Sleeps small people….very small people. But we’re congenial hosts, and with enough Summit in their bellies, they won’t even notice the cramped houseboat poop deck. Or something.

  2. What a great idea! I want to meet your Gallery friends!

  3. OMG. OMG. OMG. Food that someone else is paying for? I miss that part of employment. My votes:

    The Capital Grille

    Wow, I’m hungry.

  4. IIRC, all party planning must be based on solid participant info, like, How many people? What kind of people? For example, are they silicone or carbon based? Business people? Artsy-fartsy? Criminally oriented? Nerdish-yet-urbane (there are rumored field sightings of such, but I tend to disbelieve)? Drinkers? Vegetarians? Male/female/neither? Will time-out clocks be required? Give it up, what are your real friends like?

  5. Sorry. I meant silicon. Or did I? Whatever. Nothing personal.

  6. How many people? 25+
    What kind of people? Computer programmers and photographers
    For example, are they silicon or carbon based? Carbon, except for Jens, but he’s from Deutschland
    Business people? Not so much
    Artsy-fartsy? Some
    Criminally oriented? I doubt it, unless you count public intoxication
    Nerdish-yet-urbane (there are rumored field sightings of such, but I tend to disbelieve)? Yes
    Drinkers? Good god, the cities may run out of beer
    Vegetarians? I don’t think so
    Male/female/neither? Primarily men, some with wives, some with girlfriends, some solo, and some with guys who they “aren’t dating.” That’s Robert.
    Will time-out clocks be required? WTF?
    Give it up, what are your real friends like? You’ve met Sarah and the Keathlys. My friends are all smart and funny.

  7. I was suggesting places for the expensive dinner (obviously).

    As far as mischief, I know you will have those bases covered.

    It might be cool to have your big feast at Nicollet Island Inn. Then you could hit Riverplace for drinking and move up into NE to Nye’s, Whitey’s, Bulldog, etc. as you consume all the beer in the area.

  8. You could also do Kikugawa or Sophia’s at Riverplace for fine dining.

    I was originally thinking just downtown MPLS since I was assuming that was where the hotel would be.

  9. I haven’t picked the hotel yet. Recommendations?

  10. Call Nancy Hamel (FKA Franken) at the downtown Hyatt. Her work number is 612-370-1239. Tell her you’re looking for a hotel site and ask her what she would recommend for your group. She sets up large-group meetings and stuff, but she might be able to at least give you some good advice.

  11. Nerdish-yet-urbane? Hmm.

  12. Did you hear? Minneapolis upgraded its CPU and RAM in anticipation of running GalleryCon.

  13. While I really like the idea of MPLS, and we have a lot of people to see there, it has to be the single most expensive place in the US to fly to due to Northwest’s monopoly at MSP.

    It’s truly disgusting.

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