I Brains New York

This weekend I sent Zach a link to an NYC zombie pub crawl and a zombie last supper, but not this zombie game, because I didn’t find it until this morning on Justin’s blog. Yes, I got up early to work on my Hitchcock final. Yes, I took half an hour to kill zombies. At least I beat it the first time. The key is to shoot for the head — except for the zombie army guys: take out their legs with the Barrett and you’ll be fine.

3 Responses to “I Brains New York ”

  1. I’m still working on my Hitchcock final… am resisting the urge to clean and/or play the zombie game

  2. I call each Zombie “Marnie” before I dispatch it.

  3. I somehow imagined you screaming “Lovely! Lovely! LOVELY!” for each one

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