Dear Code That I Do Not Want To Write

Perhaps I shouldn’t drink and code, but, you know, shit happens when you’ve got a major assignment due in 24 hours, with 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, and… wait. That leaves 8 hours to code, eat, and go to that Andrew Bird concert.

On the other hand, stuff like this is happening:

typedef struct my_humps;
struct my_humps listener_junk {
    int thread_id;

and then

     /* whatcha gonna do with all that listener_junk,
     * all that listener_junk, in yo trunk
    listener_junk thread_data[NUMTHREADS];

I can cut out some or all of that sleep. Zach hasn’t noticed my… uh… I mean, I’m sick. I’m sick.

2 Responses to “Dear Code That I Do Not Want To Write ”

  1. Isn’t this the last thing you have to do this semester? Which means tonight is drink a case of Maibok night, right?

  2. If I get done in time I am going to go to a concert with Sarah. I’m gonna take the afternoon off.

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