Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Sumerian

You sum and go, you sum and — wait a minute. What the crap am I singing? The past two days I have been waking up with what I can only describe as a low grade hangover and desire to go back to sleep for additional hours. The thing is that I have been going to bed reasonably early and not drinking. Right now I want to curl up under my desk and just sort of dissolve into the carpet.

This same sort of sluggishness has been smothering me each evening, which is why all I have been doing in the evening is watching tv and then listlessly surfing the web. I have had all sort of great ideas to post about, but the internet is so far from my couch, and I am usually too tired to even fetch the laptop. I do, however, greatly enjoy having chocolate rice milk in the house. It’s like real milk, only without all the cramping. I drink it a pint at a time. It’s delicious.

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  1. Welcome to the lethargic flu the Keathlys had last week. It really is the lamest flu I’ve ever had. It’s the emo flu. Too depressed and tired to ramp itself up to be a decent flu. Instead it just hangs around, moping, occasionally ramping up the energy to give you a small headache or twinge of a stomach cramp.

  2. Or make me really loopy.

  3. Yes, loopy. That’s the Emo flu’s flashback.

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