The Law and The Order

Ugh. Last night’s Criminal Intent was all sorts of terrible. Sarah made dinner while I looked at lenses and digital bodies in various paper and online catalogs. I might be broke, but you have to look forward or up or something if you want to get there — like steering a car: look where you want to go, not where you want to avoid.

School is out for the spring. I start a digital photography class sometime in the summer. It’s actually pretty exciting in ways that are somewhat new to the whole college experience. I had been excited in this way for Compilers, but that was the odd class out this last semester no matter how much I wanted to finish it.

That was one class that could even have come directly to bear on my daily work: writing a lexer and parser for xml, html, and/or css. I did cover that part in class, but, you know, whatever.

OH, grades. My mom reminded me.
ARTH 3940 Topics in Art History B+
CSCI 1121 Introduction to the Internet B+
CSCI 4061 Intro Operating Sys C
CSCI 5161 Intro Compilers W
ENGL 1701 A-

Term GPA: 3.067
Cumulative GPA: 3.281

Fair enough. I’m now done with Computer Science.

2 Responses to “The Law and The Order ”

  1. Wow. Done with CS. You know you’re going to have the biggest college graduation party ever, right? I’m thinking four kegs, no five! Maybe we should throw it North Dakota style: in a field, with loud bands, burning large items in bonfires and passing out and sleeping on the ground, I mean, the camping.

  2. I have plenty of old artwork to donate for the bonfire. It’s my ritual. Every bonfire.

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