To Be Honest, I Hadn’t Made Plans

I called Sarah tonight to let her know that I had a whole roll of her film ensleeved in a plastic negative page thing. Right. She asked what I was going to be up to tonight. I don’t remember for sure if I had yet eaten my advanced bachelor chow yet: leftover rice from Tariq (up the street), rice and chicken from Sarah’s house (a totally different kind), some bacon and eggs hash from a week or so ago, and a half a gallon of Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce. Apply microwaves, do a dance in your underpants, take out the trash, and eat while watching scratchy network programming roll up your television. I had to toss out the uncooked bacon, which implies to me that it had not enough nitrates in it — or I am not eating bacon fast enough. It was expensive pork tummy, too, so I’d say the latter. Note to self: eat bacon nonstop.

Sarah was reading the pirate book by Tim Powers. It’s really good. I hope that I can get her to pile through the rest of them.

I spent some time researching GalleryCon 2007: MPLSLOLZ. Yes, I know, I said that I was doing this a month ago, and that Melody had taken over and moved the venue to San Francisco, but shit happens, and now it’s back. I visited the websites of the following restaurants that have private rooms: Azia, Dakota Jazz Club, Solera, Murray’s, The Capital Grille, Manny’s Steak House, Palamino, Bellanotte, Nicollet Island Inn, Nochee, La Belle Vie, Fugaise, Zelo, Vincent - A Restaurant, jP American Bistro, Cosmos. I think that I might call some contacts I have, like foodies with food blogs, a professional wingwoman, and a professional chef. Then again, maybe I’ll start with the emailing. I do have that fear of cold calling friends. I’m leaning towards sticking everyone in the downtown Hyatt or the on-campus Radisson. Oh yeah, the date might be August 25th, or September 15th — one of those weekends. Twelve to fifteen rooms?

Time to stop blathering and make a picture post.

3 Responses to “To Be Honest, I Hadn’t Made Plans ”

  1. I could NOT put the pirates down last night! Consequently, I finished the book and had wonderful blood-soaked dreams of a notorious life on the high seas singing sea shanties & drinking rum to my heart’s content.

  2. do what you want cause a pirate be free
    you are a pirate

    yor har beeble dee dee
    being a pirate is alright you see
    do what you want cause a pirate be free
    you are a pirate

    you are a pirate

    we got us a map
    to lead us to a hidden box
    that’s OH! locked up with locks
    and buried deep away

    we’ll dig up the box
    we know it’s full of precious booty
    first open the locks
    and then we’ll say hooray

  3. Hmm. . . staying downtown might be more fun. There’s also the express bus that gets you to the MOA if anyone is interested in that.

    You should be able to do this on-line. All the eateries you mentioned are excellent, so no worries there.

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