At the end of the day today I felt a bit off: panicky for no reason I could figure out. Somehow the VIC-20 bleeps I had found on youtube were breaking my heart. My mom called and asked if I still needed an air conditioner. By the time I got home I was nauseated. My apartment was seven degrees cooler than the outdoors, but walking in the door felt like stepping into a canvas bag — perhaps the bag that I woke up in two days ago. It had taken over two hours to claw my way to wakefulness.

Yesterday there were no air conditioners at the SuperTarget. Today the RegularTarget had dozens. One of the neighbors on the stoop opened the building doors for me as I carried it in. Sarah showed up with picnic fixings like pita, hummus, and watermelon. I mixed a gin and tonic and we lit for the park, leaving the air conditioner rumbling its moan. Watching movies on a blanket in the grass while sipping a g&t is awful close to heaven — as evidenced by the faint twinkle of stars overhead.

The film was the Milagro Beanfield War, which is a light tale about small farms getting squeezed out by land development. Also there is an angel and Christopher Walken, so it was pretty much all “magical realism.”

The miracles in this case was a lovely evening followed by a return to a blessedly cool room. I’m crossing my fingers for the good night’s sleep that I’ve been missing for a couple of weeks. Time to do just that.

Aw, hell, here’s a shot of Donald with his new moustache:

And Chandler, for that matter, having once again stolen Donald’s umbrella:

11 Responses to “Milagros ”

  1. Dude. I saw the Milagro Beanfield War in my high school Spanish class.Also, E.T., badly dubbed.

    “Ay. Tay. Telefonear a casa.”

    That’s a mighty handsome mustache, I must say. Never tangles.

  2. There wasn’t enough EspaƱol in the film, but what can you do.

  3. Noah says, “Donald is funny. Can we have a playdate?”

  4. You have A/C now. Damn. Damn. Damn. There goes my best bribe in asking you to watch Dodi Friday night and Saturday morning.

    Would twenty bucks and a six pack of Summit help? There might even be food in the house - and juice! Lots and lots of juice.

  5. Lisa - you forgot to mention the magic phrase “CABLE TV” and its magical sidekick TIVO.

  6. Sarah, thank you for rectifying my mistake.

    We also don’t care if you use the house for sex. Just change the sheets afterwards, or mop off the surface, whichever is more applicable. Oh, I almost forgot, no manatees.

  7. Damnit, Lisa! Now you’ve ruined all my fun! I was planning on coming over uninvited, having lots of sex with your houseguest, and not changing the sheets, just like a certain irresponsible couple we all have heard about….

  8. Lisa: You had me at “free laundry.”

  9. Why didn’t I think of mentioning free laundry?

    And Sarah. . . like you haven’t had sex in our house before. :]

  10. Sarah had sex with the laundry?

  11. It wasn’t as pleasant as one would imagine it to be. But maybe that was because the laundry was clean. I like dirty things.

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