I finally met my next door neighbor, Hailey, who is stealing — I mean borrowing my wifi connection. There’s nothing like meeting new people while drenched in sweat. Speaking of new people, I stopped by the One on One Bicycle Studio to ask about fender painting for John and bike upgrades for me — not that I can afford them, but a boy can dream…

Also, I think that I might have met Roger Lootine. I was a little shaky from the heat (and trying to outrun a truck after finding myself in the wrong lane… result: not dead) so I didn’t introduce myself, even though he thought I was “Pete.” He may also have been picking up a lady, which is the best possible imagining I could have. I hope he did well.

5 Responses to “Dognapping ”

  1. You should leave her a note under her door, “I know who you are and I know what you’re doing. P.S. And that porn site you visited? Nice.”

  2. She did ask, and I did say yes. :)

  3. I have a bad habit of calling people by the wrong name. Just ask Andy, no it was Blake, or was it John?.. No, I think it was Betsy. Anyway, I don’t remember calling anyone Pete lately. Are you sure it was me? All us white people with glasses look alike. Fuckin’ Crackers.

  4. Crazy hair? Yellow shirt? I”ve never seen a picture, but I have most issues of Residue.

  5. Did you ask for money? Craig and Terrie pay their neighbors for internets usage.

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