International Jesse Day

I’m quite excited that work is letting me celebrate “International Jesse Day” tomorrow. Traditionally celebrated on the last available day before “personal holidays” expire, International Jesse Day starts with a ritual “sleeping of in” and is followed by the “running of errands” and the “consideration of the possibility of calling unemployed friends for the doing of stuff,” and “attending of parties.” These are all excellent traditions worthy of being maintained.
International Jesse Day

10 Responses to “International Jesse Day ”

  1. Damnation. Why didn’t you tell me it was International Jesse Day? We would have taken you out for lunch! I have a client from 1 - 2:30 tomorrow so lunch is out of the question. Would you be up in time for brunch?

  2. tiki party!
    there won’t be jello shots :(
    there will be tequila shots =)

  3. When did you get a bird? Aren’t you worried it will eat your fish? An egret ate my biggest goldfish two days ago. Guess you could call my pond a fly-through restaurant.

  4. You’re being totally irresponsible with that bird. Shame on you, getting a bird drunk! You’re such a bad influence.

  5. You know I love the pirate costume ;)

  6. An egret? Really?

  7. Momma Reade: I would love to see your two pond predators duking it out: The 3 legged squirrel vs. the egret! Show time at 7.

  8. Whoops, I meant raccoon. Three legged raccoon vs. the egret.

  9. CACAW!!!
    CACAWWWWW!!!!!!!! ! !!

    Wait a minute…

  10. A 3-legged racoon. Three legs. Much harder to perform above action with only three legs. And no tail either. Truly is Wildlife Central in our backyard. Remember the mating mallards? “Let me just hold your head under water until I’m done. Okay?”

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