I See You Peeking

Okay, so I have a photo assignment that involves shooting portraits of strangers, people I know, and my self. I’m fairly sure that I have lined up myself for a reasonable amount of time, but the other two are still kind of tentative. You, and I mean you, the one reading this blog, have a unique opportunity to have me turn one or more of my lenses in your direction and catch all your best sides, which are all of them, because I’ve seen you and decided that you’re quite all right to look at. Obviously for the time being this only applies to people in the Twin Cities metro area, since my ability to travel is limited.

Me first, because I should show that I’m fearless. I’m awful tired.

My buddy Greg/Gerg

Sarah X 2

Strawberry pickin’

Donald mugs, because he is a ham, which is why my camera is naturally attracted to him:

Dessa? The City Pages never got back to me, so I have a whole messa Dessa:

More Noah, because, you know, he’s my little brother. If you had a little brother, you’d know, I’m sure. I never did.

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  1. You should Photoshop a wheat straw into Donald’s mouth. It would be perfect.

    Yes, I just used “Photoshop” as a verb. I have to go Google myself now.

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