Fif. Teen Thousand Megabytes

That sounds like a lot of data, but it is the output of June’s shooting. I am absolutely drowning in pictures. My photo drive went from “okay” to “full” in like a week.

First, Sarah documented Team “Mother Friendly” Kickass kicking ASS.
Team Kickass

Okay, so just to bore everyone, here’s a random thing that I shot one day:
glass?  glass?  who gives a shit about glass?

We weren’t just hanging out making faces, it was a party, man.

On the way to the party (sixth and fourth? Fourth and sixth? We were lost), Sarah and I ran into Critical Mass. Lately I’ve been on the “maybe they shouldn’t be such jerks” bandwagon, but then again, it’s civil disobedience, right? It’s not a comment made towards people like me: I follow traffic laws and give cyclists room on the roads — it’s a statement about the actual violence directed towards cyclists, both verbally and literally. A car is a lethal weapon, but you’d have to try awfully hard to murder someone with a bicycle.

Anyway, next time I’ll throw the wider lens on and go all the way to the middle of the street, perhaps while blowing a whistle so that I don’t get run over.

Did I even post anything from Pride? Man, that was so ridiculously awesome. I turned in two prints from the goings on.
“Please give me a million dollars and a fridge with a padlock and, heh, oh, yeah, huge pectoral muscles.”

This is the one that I turned in for class. I can’t help but say “faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous” when I look at it.

There was dancing cake!!!!!!!!11!!!eleven!!!

Cake is HOT!

The North Star Roller Girls are apparently going to do their thing at the MPLS convention center this fall. I have no further excuse, so I will be walking the two blocks to hang a lens over the rail and make some quality blurs.

Is this one completely ridiculous?
El Corazon

8 Responses to “Fif. Teen Thousand Megabytes ”

  1. Dude! You wore the lewd shirt I got you from Hawaii! I knew it would come in handy one day.
    Too much shadow on the tattoo shot. I want to see one with the new colors.

  2. Those ARE the new tattoo colors.

  3. I thought it might be, but this twisted version of a Glamor Shot picture really does not do it justice. In person it looks AWESOME.

  4. Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on pooping out a bike. If only I knew you were expecting, I would have crocheted it a cozy.

  5. Hmmm, is one of the Mother Friendly team wearing a GRASS SKIRT?

  6. At one point or another, we all wore grass skirts, but isn’t that the way it is in life?

  7. Mine was made of celluloid, or something.

  8. In the top picture it looks the bike is coming out of your poo hole and Paul is sitting on it. Oh yeah, we’re back from hot, hot camping.

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