Go To Sleep You Little Baby

The clock in my computer is telling me in no uncertain terms that it is officially now Wednesday. If you aren’t aware, Wednesdays are the days when SSCO shows movies in Stevens Square Park. That’s today, so if you would like to see “O Brother Where Art Thou,” show up around dusk. Last night (yestertoday? did I make up that word already?) Sarah helped me clean my apartment because some of our friends will be here slightly in advance of the showing. Apparently not you, because I have TRIED to tell you that they show these films and STILL your complaint is “I don’t want to be accidentally or purposefully shot while watching a movie in the park.” So far no one has been shot, so I don’t want to hear any more of your whining.

July 11th: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
July 18th: Goonies
July 25th: Ghostbusters
August 1st: On the Waterfront

Wait, On the Waterfront?

If’n you’re not familiar with “O Brother, Where Art Thou,” you can watch some videos now:

I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.

I ain’t no Holla Back Girl of constant sorrow. MASH UP VIDEOS ARE TEH ELEVENS!

What if O Brother were a horror film?

Okay, bed time.

15 Responses to “Go To Sleep You Little Baby ”

  1. We’re only going to use your for your comida mexicana tonight. Then we’re going to ditch your ass for Harry Potter. Yes, that’s the kind of friends we are.

  2. Harry Potter plays the trump card tonight.

    Wingardium LEVIOSAAA!

  3. Why does “Harry Potter” just sound dirty to me?

  4. Tonight my sore and tortured body will be getting a two and a half hour massage. Yes, you heard me right, two and a half mother fucking hours. Now that truly is the definition of elevens!! I will be in New Hope and on the way home will most likely stop by the festivities with a water bottle of lemonade and vodka. Even though my heart will be with mome-rath and Noah’s bestest buddy (after his brother Jesse that is) seeing Harry Potter.

  5. Here are two Harry Potter movie reviews that I read online:

    Harry Potter sucks. Jesus Christ. David Yates and Michael Goldenberg can suck the corn from my shit.


    Instead of trying to count the things they did wrong, it’s easier to count the things they did right. There weren’t that many. Even separate from the book entirely, it’s disjointed, badly edited, and extremely uninformative. Taking the book into consideration, it’s a miserable piece of work, and a hopelessly foul adaptation.

  6. Seeing Harry Potter today will make Transformers on Thursday seem like the best film ever made!

  7. Rotten Tomators gave Die Hard 4 a higher percentage.

    Maybe there aren’t enough explosions in Harry Potter.

  8. stop bad-mouthing harry potter, zach! it’s magical goodness will be infinitely greater than stupid transformers OR goonies.

    okay, only maybe.

  9. Don’t get on Zach: *I* am the one who is talking shit about Harry Potter.

    I’m just kidding, though. I’m sure that when those friends of mine who watched Harry Potter come back tonight they will have NOTHING but good things to say. Only good things. Really.

  10. Did you know J. K. Rowlings has more money than the Queen of England? Yes, really! We should all aspire to churning out Harry Potteresque works so we can be richer than the Queen of England as well. Let’s see. How should I begin?

    “It was a dark and sullen night……”

  11. La la la, not listening!

  12. So how was it?

  13. Harry Potter was good if you haven’t read any of the books. It was the typical board vs. students plot as seen in many movies, but with more wizard on wizard battles. I liked it.

  14. Everything you say sounds dirty to me.

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