In the Big Rock Candy Mountain

I would have to say that tonight was the most successful night of my apartment yet: we used all of the forks, dirtied all of the dishes, and an expedition was led to the park that ended with the thorough enjoyment of “O Brother Where Art Thou” by all. But wait, there’s more: we discussed a trip to Ax Man in the next week to acquire “stuff” to make a “cardboard pirate ship.” I’m so happy, and next week’s Goonies will be even better.

4 Responses to “In the Big Rock Candy Mountain ”

  1. Ax Man??? Can I come???? I know EXACTLY what I would do if you let me build the figurehead…

    Pretty please!

  2. So what you really need is one of each: Data, Chunk, Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Andy, Stef, and Sloth. And then maybe some Fratelli brothers and a Mama Fratelli.

    I’m too skinny to be Chunk. So skinny that maybe I should just get an eyepatch and be Willie?

  3. I guess I have to be Stef, since I have glasses.

  4. mome-rath: Alex & I are arranging the trip to Ax Man. I’ll get in touch with you about it & you can certainly come along!

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