Maybe I shouldn’t eat so much hot sauce

This morning I had a dream that I walked down to the basement of a parking ramp and found thirty or forty dead bodies. One had been stabbed or shot or something, and the rest had suffocated. as I ran back up the stairs, I could see the smoke that someone was pumping into the basement to kill everyone. When I got to the top of the parking ramp, I tried to tell the parking ramp attendant, but they were busy with incoming cars, so I tried to call 911. My phone cut me off and flashed a message that lines were being held open so police could deal with a sniper. I put it together that this person was on a killing rampage. I heard shots and glass exploded around me. I turned around just in time to see a detective sneak up to a window across the street and fire point blank through the glass. The sniper fell forward through the window, doused in blood. I thought to myself that now I would be able to see the weird horse things like in the Harry Potter movie.

I woke up, then my alarm went off, but I wasn’t really awake, so I hit the snooze and an anaconda wrapped around me like a sheet.

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  1. Much more interesting than my dream about swimming in a pool of baked beans!

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