That is: a roundup of Videos! Yes! I scour the internet to find all the good stuff for you: music, funnies, and plain old freak out weirdness.

First, music! Apparently the big thing now is to make slideshows, attach them to songs, and then use youtube as a jukebox for my entertainment. Excellent.

I don’t think that the Lily Allen backlash has hit the states yet.
Watch on Youtube

Watch on Youtube

Today I downloaded the mp3 of this and put it on repeat to drive Zach insane. It was a short trip.
Watch on Youtube

On to the comedy!

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The Mighty Boosh has not yet made it to the states, but when it does (perhaps via undersea internet tubes) I will quit my job (for a day or two, perhaps for the weekend), buy a truckload of booze (maybe pick up a sixer of Summit and a bottle of gin) and do NOTHING but bask in its glory. SO GOOD. SO WEIRD. SO RIGHT!!!

I am actually just watching my first episode now. At work I listened to the radio series and then several television episodes (with occasional peeks to see things like the batshit insane animation). You can keep your “Little Britains” and your “Doctor Whos”, but I’ll take — wait, no, I’m gonna take Doctor Who also. I am a Whovian, but you can keep your Little Britain. No, I’ll take that, too. But seriously, any show that ends its second season with a coconut police chase and subsequent coconut trial — that show wins.

Not all of these links work, but you should try them all.
Season One: 1 Killeroo, 2 Mutants, 3 Bollo, 4 Tundra, 5 Jungle, 6 Charlie, 7 Electro, 8 Hitcher — Season Two: 1 The Call Of The Yeti, 2 The Priest And The Beast, 2 Nanageddon, 3 Fountain Of Youth, 4 The Legend Of Old Gregg, 5 The Nightmare Of Milky Joe

When I learned to type, the home row keys were “double-you tee eff jay kay el semi-colon.” Nowadays, “El Semicolon” is a singing sensation. Who knew?

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  1. I tried to teach Noah to do Old Gregg impressions, but he was having none of it. I would have settled for him to add “mangina” to his vocabulary, but noo. . . .

  2. That boy is gonna be scarred for life… in a good way.

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