Never Forget

Wednesday is Goonies Day. I have made the executive decision to NOT build a cardboard pirate ship because there is just no time. We will have to use the power of our imaginations. Bring a blanket and a “nalgene” or “some other bottle that is not obviously booze.” You also might want to bring your own booze. I’m just saying that I will do my best with the loaves and fishes business, but I can only promise Fratelli Brothers brand spaghetti and bow tie pasta. Beyond that, well, I am imagining rum and Coca Cola very hard so that the universe can provide as it will. Also, I get paid on Wednesday, so I’ll be buying film and food.

The truffle shuffle

Baleeted scenes! The Octopus!!!

Ooh! Goonies of the Carribean!

Also, my favorite part of the Goonies is when Mikey and his friend throw the one ring into the fires of Mordor. It’s near Astoria, really.

8 Responses to “Never Forget ”

  1. I was planning on bringing a bottle of tequila, since I thought you hated the rum. What say you?

  2. Get in my belly!

  3. I have a massage until 7:30 PM so I should be there by 8 PM. Too late for food, but in time for the movie and booze. I will be bringing my mini cooler with ice, tequila and margarita mix.

  4. There is *wink wink* no drinking in the park.

    Also, I don’t have a blender.

  5. I will be drinking discreetly, with limited winking. Also, I am not a candy ass frou-frou drinker that requires a blender. I will make some STRONG margaritas which I will pour over ice in a nalgene bottle and keep within a cooler in a hot car for 2 hours before I arrive at said non-alcoholic destination. The results should be smashing and will be shared with any and all interested persons.

  6. Imagine that - a discreet drinker! Maybe my sister & Bry should’ve taken a lesson on that! I will bring two kinds of rum + Coca Cola for interested parties. Most likely hummus & pita bread, too.

  7. GOONIES!!!!!!

  8. This better be fuckin’ great. Y’all have hyped it up so damn much! I expect a transcendental experience. Or at least watermelon. Wait, I’m bringing the watermelon. So there will be watermelon. I am satisfied.

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