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For the fall I am signed up for:
AmSt 3253W - Pop cult and politics
Anth 3019 - Hisp Cult of Lat Am

I’ve already taken:
B+ ArtH 3940 Topics in Art History (The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock)
B- Arts 1001W Concepts in Visual Art (4cr)
B+ Arts 1701 Photography (4cr)
B+ Arts 3703 Photography: Digital Imaging (4cr)
B+ Chic 3375 Folklore of Mexico (3cr)
B+ CSci 1121 Introduction to the Internet 1 (4cr)
A CSci 1901 Structure of Computer Programming I (4cr)
A CSci 1902 Structure of Computer Programming II (4cr)
B+ CSci 2011 Discrete Structures of Computer Science (4cr)
B- CSci 2021 Machine Architecture and Organization (4cr)
B+ CSci 3081W Program Design & Development (4cr)
B+ CSci 4011 Formal Languages and Automata Theory (4cr)
B+ CSci 4041 Algorithms and Data Structures (4cr)
C CSci 4061 Introduction to Operating Systems (4cr)
A CSci 4131 Internet Programming (3cr)
B+ CSci 5403 Comp complexity (3cr)
B+ CSci 5421 Adv. Algs. & Data (3cr)
A- EngL 1701 Modern Fiction
B Math 1271 Calculus I (4cr)
B- Math 1272 Calculus II (4cr)
C Math 2243 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (4cr)
A Phys 1001W Energy and Environment (4cr)
A- Stat 3021 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
A Rhet 3102 Digital Photography (2cr)

Things to maybe take in the future

Agro 1101 Biology of Plant Food Systems
Anth 1001 Human Evolution
Biol 1001 Introductory Biology I: Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives
Ent 3005 Insect Biology (3 credits)
Geog 1403 Biogeography of the Global Garden
Hort 1001 Plant Propagation
PSTL 1135 Human Anatomy and Physiology

Social Science
Jour 1001 Introduction to Mass Communication (also Citizenship)
Ling 3001 Introduction to Linguistics
Pol 1001 American Democracy in a Changing World (also Citizenship)

ESPM 3003 Sustainable People, Sustainable Planet
GEO 3005 Earth Resources (also International)
GWSS 3004W Point/Counterpoint: Contemporary Feminist Debates (also writing intensive)

Interesting Classes:
Chic 3507W Introduction to Chicana/o Literature (3cr)
CSci 5106 Programming Languages (3cr)
CScl 3461 Monsters, Robots, Cyborgs (3cr)
MUS 1471 Guitar: Class Lessons I (3cr)
CSci 4211 - Introduction to Computer Networks (3cr) (p CSci 4061)
CSci 5106 - Programming Languages (3cr) (p CSci 4011)
CSci 5115 - User Interface Design, Implementation and Evaluation (3cr) (p CSci 4041)
CSci 5116 - GUI Toolkits and Their Implementation (3cr) (p 5115 or 5107)
CSci 5161 Intro to Compilers (3cr)
CSci 5523 - Introduction to Data Mining (3cr) (p CSci 4041)
CSci 5511 - Artificial Intelligence I (3cr) (p CSci 2011)
CSci 5561 - Computer Vision (3cr) (p CSci 5511)
INET 4031 Systems Administration (4cr) (p CSci 4061)
INET 4021 Network Programming (4cr) (p CSci 4061)

2 Responses to “Class Search ”

  1. Jour 1001 is REALLY easy.

    and OMGz you have to take: CScl 3461 Monsters, Robots, Cyborgs (3cr). if you don’t i will hate you.

  2. who’s teaching the american studies class? if you need any recommendations for those, ask me, since i know pretty much all the profs.

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