Who Ya Gonna Call?

I’m not hosting any pre-Ghostbusters activities tonight. My apartment is drenched in sweaty clothes and I am too depressed to be charming. I may or may not be at the movie in the park, depending on my ability to leave the apartment.

3 Responses to “Who Ya Gonna Call? ”

  1. Sorry man, not gonna happen. Working tonight. All night. Girl’s gotta eat, right? Anyhow, did you know that I’ve seen Ghostbusters III five times? All for the sake of a warm place to make out besides the car. Ah, high school.

  2. Lisa, did you even read the post?

  3. Yes, I read the post and you did put a “may” in there. After that though, I blanked out and all I could think of was making out in a smelly theater in Richfield.

    Really though, I wish I could have hung out last night, even if we didn’t see the movie. Either way we could have made marshmallow men out of my leftover camping supplies and I could have fed you some wholesome, healing tequila.

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