I just finished an automatic status emailing thing for work. As a reward, the untold bounties of the internet — well, okay, just a trip to Apelad’s site to check out the new LOLCats. They’re hobo cats who talk like the internet in the early nineteen hundreds. Who knew?

LOL Cats

He’ll draw you (or me) a panel for $20. If I were to get one (perhaps for my birthday), I’d probably frame it.

For those of you who don’t understand or appreciate intentional butchery of the english language, well, shoot. I can’t explain it. Why does it make me Hulk angry when I see alphabet soup on my little sisters’ myspace profiles and laugh until I cry when cats do it. I don’t know.

3 Responses to “WANT ”

  1. Oh shit, that’s right. I have to think of a present idea. Damn. I’m all stoked about a party though. I want party!!!

  2. CLANG!

    You dropped something there!

  3. P.S. Your pirate-themed site is a cry for help. I know this because I’m a crazy stalker.

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