On The Waterfront

I guess that Wednesday I will be available to provide a meeting place before the final film in the “Cinema and Civics” series of outdoor films. It will be after my final critique in Remedial Digital Photography For Dummies, so after Wednesday you can probably expect me to start posting images and text for your amusement again. Hooray!

Finally photography can return to it’s original purpose: exposing my workplace antics to the entirety of the internets, like this:

Ricoh... Suave!

I don’t think that Sarah remembers Gerardo. I do. Oh, I do.

I dare you to not dance while watching. SO GOOD!

2 Responses to “On The Waterfront ”

  1. “You gotta know how to deal with a woman who won’t let go–that’s the price you pay for being a gigolo.”

  2. Dude, Ricoh Suave (a.k.a. Taco Grande) is one of our clients at work. Mr. Suave is the master of Document Management Solutions™.

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