New Things!

1) Mousetraps!
2) 500G external hard drive! (my image drive is full AND crashing)
3) Paul got a new camera!
4) I forget.

If I can keep my image drive from crashing over and over again, I can retire it. Whew.

4 Responses to “New Things! ”

  1. I don’t think the 500GB drive in my computer will be enough for images. I wonder how long until I need a hefty external too…

  2. Every time you buy a new drive, go for double the capacity. :)

  3. Don’t forget that you can flush mice down the toilet without clogging up the works. It also muffles and then obliterates their screaming from the pain and suffering of having a piece of metal snapped hard against their tiny bodies. And if you like, I can pay you the same reward my dad paid my brothers and me when mice were caught in our personal mousetraps. Five cents a mouse! Can’t beat that! Although once my trap captured a mouse by the tail, and I felt so sorry for it that I let it go. My dad did not appreciate my kind-hearted action.

  4. Upon further reflection (and having stood in the same place), I might have seen the shadow of a bug flying overhead and not a rodent at all. We’ll see if my traps get anything.

    Oh! I had been imagining a long tale about seeing a mouse and trying to hire exterminators, but via a mixup, ending up with trappers instead. They would be voyageurs, in fact, who would be wearing clothing made out of the many pelts of mice that they had already trapped. However, that would have required learning French and doing research on their canoes.

    Also, I think that there would need to be a creek or canal from the river to my apartment.

    “Zut alors! Zat eez ze lonGEST porTAGE I heff evarr zeen!”

    Hmm. I’ll keep thinking about it.

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