Thanks, But No Thanks.

If you couldn’t tell from the last post, I am abandoning the idea of an art minor.

I know, it’s a shame to let one class ruin it for me, but the digital photo class was supposed to be the super fun rewarding class, not busy work and mandatory lectures that were review the entire semester.

Oh, I did learn how to window mat an image… from my girlfriend. It would be one thing if I had been taking the 1000 level class, but theoretically I was taking the 3000 level class. Skip the busy work. Skip the constant review of basic photographic ideas. If I would have known in advance that the class would be worthless (see: Physics 1001W, Energy and the Environment) I could have sweated through it in hope of furthering my degree or as a prerequisite for other classes, but that’s it for digital classes at the University. I could have skipped it in favor of the advanced silver classes — assuming that I really wanted to take them, which I don’t. Digital photography was supposed to be the good one: the wheat for which I suffered the the chaff.

Bitch bitch bitch. I know, it’s stupid to whine, but what else can I do?

I really wouldn’t recommend the undergrad photo program here to anyone. They just aren’t serious about teaching. If you want to take a photo class, take it at a community college. At MCTC they have 13 different photo classes — all of which probably teach a skill.

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  1. matte: |mat| noun
    2. a sheet of cardboard placed on the back of a picture, either as a mount or to form a border around the picture.

  2. How many classes would you have had left for that art minor? It seems like you’ve already gone a long way…

  3. mome-rath: I need two more classes at the 3000 level. Without taking further 1000 level classes, I could pick from the following classes:

    ARTS 3402 - Artists’ Books
    Study/creation of unique, handmade books using various structures, media, techniques. Critical, historical, theoretical issues surrounding contemporary book arts.

    ARTS 3403 - Women’s Images and Images of Women (CD)
    Women’s place in Western art from the artist’s perspective. Women as artists and the imagery they have created. Women as the object of imagery and the social and political attitudes those images convey. Survey of women artists from late-Renaissance through contemporary feminism; relevant issues.

    ARTS 3499 - Internship at Katherine E. Nash Gallery
    Hands-on experience in day-to-day operation/mission of Department of Art’s “professional” gallery.

    ARTS 3701 - Photography: Silver Processes
    Classical photographic practice, concentrating on camera/darkroom controls. Historical overview of the medium. Conceptual/contemporary approaches to traditional themes.

    ARTS 3702 - Photography: The Extended Image
    Manipulation of the photo image using various camera and darkroom methods including sequence, multiples, narrative, and book formats. Marking and altering photographic surfaces, applied color, and toning. Use of the photograph in interdisciplinary projects.

  4. I dunno. Seems a shame to stop only two classes short. But since it seems you’ve kind of exhausted your photography class options, I can see your point.

  5. Well, I could certainly take the last two photo classes, which are both based in silver processes. I could also take the book arts class — at least then I’d be able to help on Sarah’s book arts projects (and yours). Who knows, I might release another Big Book of Starboy Action, only this time with elaborate stitching.

    In that case, why not just take classes at the Book Arts place, or just borrow Sarah’s bookbinding books for a week and read through them?

  6. If you want to take an intro to photo class from someone who actually cares at the U, take mine! Fall Semester 1701, Tuesday nights! It’s going to rock hardcore.

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