A Bit Of Advice

My therapist recommended that I “try something different.” I’m taking his advice and buying some Zubaz, because you can’t rock a creepy moustache without Zubaz. I had to add both “Zubaz” and “moustache” to the spelling dictionary in Firefox to write this post.

9 Responses to “A Bit Of Advice ”

  1. OK, I can see trying something other than a black body leotard, but Zubaz??! Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it…

  2. Oh, I’ve studied it, and it is glorious. My Zubaz, mullet, and moustache will catapult me into glory beyond measure.

  3. I knew you’d say that.

  4. My high school math teacher was six-foot-nine, and only wore Zubaz. (He also had very muppety bug-eyes, and sounded vaguely like Frank Zappa.) Every day of the week a different pair. There are many colors in the Zubaz rainbow.

  5. Also, the Zubaz office is in my company’s old building. The Savoie building on 3rd Street and 2nd Ave, just around the corner from Sex World. My brush with fame.

  6. Well, I guess if it makes you happy.


  7. Do not be afraid of color……


  9. Happy Birthday!! :) I know it doesn’t go very well with this post, but whatever. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

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