I’m Older Than I’ve Ever Been

paul: what are you like 63 today?
me: 64
me: god
me: you’re as bad as my dad

3 Responses to “I’m Older Than I’ve Ever Been ”

  1. It will be more funny when you are 69. Awww, yeah!

    Happy birthday dude.

  2. Shall I speak of the day you were born? I was one of the very first Lamaze moms to give birth at the Fort Dodge hospital in Iowa. As the anesthesiologist was poised to plop the gas mask on my face to put me out, my Lamaze coach said, “She doesn’t need that. She’s doing fine.” Therefore, I was awake and aware when you slid out into the world. Nine months later, when you were still crying all the time from colic, I briefly toyed with the thought that maybe having children wasn’t as much fun as I’d thought it would be. Hey, I can be wrong, you know.

  3. Number one: Saying no to drugs is ALWAYS a bad idea.

    Number two: Jesse is the king of taking care of colicky babies. Now I know why.

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