I had a birthday!

Contrary to the opinion of my father, my birthday was the 14th of August. Oh, the estrangement is not over you bastard, it ain’t over.

I had a really good birthday when it comes right down to it.

On the way in to work I ride across the Washington Avenue bridge. I looked down to see them loading cars from the bridge onto flatbed tow trucks. It was kind of weird and sad, but I’m like that a lot, so it was kind of par for the course.

Sarah, Lisa, and Noah came to my work to deliver balloons and cupcakes. I was kind of overwhelmed, and I really wanted to just take Noah to the park right then and play.

The other day Sarah took this picture of a mostly debadged Subaru. It now says “BAR.”

I haven’t been photographing bikes lately, but here’s one that I liked:

Piano Sale in the Sky:

A staple:


Neither of these people was ever my photo TA:

I like “no look photographs” — you just point in the general direction of your target and click! I caught this guy right as he beat his girlfriend in the face with her own guitar. Take that, Carlson student who is “branching out” with a guitar class. SMACK! SMACK!

If you smoke and then drown, your lungs will look like this:

I think that I have other photos of this bike in earlier stages of decomposition…

Ah ha!





Get your bicycle on the floor.

5 Responses to “I had a birthday! ”

  1. Happy Birthday! I’d highly recommend you check out the book “Bicycles Locked to Poles” by John Glassie. Just sayin..

  2. Somewhere in my dusty archives I have a photo I took of a pair of figure skates locked to a bike rack.

  3. ckdake: I’ve seen that on the internet before, but I should really put it on my wishlist.

  4. Love the series of images of the bike decomposition! And the fact that the hose is present in another image. Wow.

  5. You’re just lucky your birthday didn’t go down like this:

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