Baby With A Beer

I think that this photo is self explanatory:

Creamy bokeh!

Raw meat!

Raw shrimp!

Chandler and Alex




Mother dearest!


A Thing!

Roast baby!

Dead thing!

7 Responses to “Baby With A Beer ”

  1. Mmmmm…raw meat, things, and death. Now that’s a birthday party.

  2. OMG the deadly shrimp was delicious and the turkey legs picture is making me salivate.

    Babies with beer always makes me think of this:

  3. P.S. Use my myspace pic for a new icon, please.

  4. Lisa: Done!

    Chandler: it ended up being quite a nice birthday party, yes.

  5. Thank you. I like my snarky expression.

    Damn you, roast turkey legs. Amazing. I must go to Ren Fest now.

  6. Why does everyone insist on posting really unflattering photos of me on various internet sites? Why, I ask you? Why? Couldn’t you post a good photo from the distant past?

    I am glad you had a nice birthday. Mothers are always glad when their offspring are happy and treated well by others. Thank you, others. Thank you for being so nice to my son - the good son. You’re all really swell!

    Love, Mom

  7. I don’t think that photo is unflattering, Mom. You look like you.

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