North Dakota: Part the Third (and final)

You’ve missed them; you’ve begged for them; they are the tops of trees!

A whole tree

It’s nature!

The Monarch in his natural habitat, albeit without his henchmen.

Sarah’s parents’ neighbors.

Sarah took this of me

And this

But not this

There are a lot of cats on the farm

Some barns just look like barns

Other barns look like anime barns that eat giant robot combines (OM NOM NOM)

Sarah did a bunch of portraits of her family

Here’s the anime barn when not eating a combine

I got to drive this big truck. Air brakes, dual range transfer case, double clutching to shift: YES!

Here’s Sarah

Here is her shadow operating a camera

Here’s what she was photographing

Sarah’s dad is patient

Did I mention cats?


Sarah is up for a bit of ultraviolence

A tip of the hat

That Pentax weighs about six hundred pounds


The fly!

Speaking of fly, I got to fly in a plane

We flew over stuff

Sarah was pretty happy about it

Some drunk farmer did this


“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought!” — Leia

Cats are the rats of the cat world

North Dakota is exciting and full of wonder.

5 Responses to “North Dakota: Part the Third (and final) ”

  1. Ah, wonderful photographs. I want to go to North Dakota.

  2. That photo of Sarah tippin’ her hat is SUCH a senior portrait! I sense your future calling, Jesse.

    Great photos. As usual!

  3. Speaking of anime, look at this:

  4. Oh, great, my calling is senior portraits. I might as well go work at JC Penney now.

    Or glamour shots! YES!

  5. The two kittens on the lawn chair are the reincarnation of AdRock and Ione.

    I totally want a Glamour Shot session now. Sarah and I need to get a makeover at MAC and have you shoot photos of us pretending we LOVE having a pound of makeup on. That would be the complete and total awesome.

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