Strike Update

Still no news.

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  1. Learning how to strike properly… abroad?

  2. I have a feeling those people are screwed. What did the Northwest mechanics’ and Metro Transit strikes accomplish? Nothing. The workers were ignored, the powers that be saw them as replaceable, and sadly, there are enough desperate people out there who are willing to replace the striking workers, no matter how shitty the pay/benefits would be. Strikes don’t seem to accomplish what they used to, and that really depresses me. I really hope these folks keep fighting, but I don’t have any faith that the state and University assholes will do the right thing.

  3. The only good thing is that strikers at the U can’t be permanently replaced. But I heard we’re slowly trickling back to our jobs because we can’t afford to be out any longer.

    By the way, the U has made $1.2 million since we started striking by not paying the wages for 1,000 striking workers.

  4. I find it silly that students are staging a hunger strike in support of the striking AFSCME workers. What will this really accomplish? It seems like a pathetic attempt to rally people together, to fire up that protest spirit that is now missing in this day & age. As mome-rath stated, strikes don’t accomplish much anymore. Maybe I’m too cynical.

  5. Also, I find it hilarious that on the opposite end of the Washington Ave bridge (from where the Hunger Strike was staged) free food samples were being passed out today.

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