San Francisco Rush

In a few hours I will be flying to San Francisco for a thing. I’m taking two cameras, four BP-511A batteries, just over ten gigs of compact flash cards, and three rolls of Fuji film from Target. Expect some sort of photographic documentation of the trip.

6 Responses to “San Francisco Rush ”

  1. Watch out for the gays. They’re everywhere out there!

  2. Have fun, sweetie! I’ll be taking good care of the fish.

  3. mome-rath: so far so not penetrated.

    Sarah: I miss you.

  4. It’s probaby a good thing you didn’t buy the rainbow-colored umbrella at Target. I miss you, too, and so do the fishes. Water wasn’t cloudy this morning. They happily munched away at the food.

  5. There better be pictures of you with Tay Zonday… seriously if I were you, I’d have been singing chocolate rain during the entire flight there. srsly.

  6. Right now I would settle for a note that let me know you survived the trip. I am sure it was glorious and can not wait for stories.

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