Chocolate Plane

Some people will know who this is. If not, count yourself among the survivors. In any case, Tay Zonday was on my flight to San Francisco.
Jesse and Tay Zonday

When I got there, I met up with Gallery folks almost right away. Everything in the airport was outrageously expensive except this bottle of beer. A bargain at $4, even at eleven AM pacific time.
Eleven AM beer

This is Tim, who seemed to always be keeping an eye on me.

Donald does his thing

Mary Ann
Mary Ann

Donnie and Mary Ann together.
Donald and Mary Ann

We all got into a limo and went to Google, which was sunny and full of smart people eating free lunch.
The Google Campus is picturesque

Google has a dinosaur and a rocket ship. The rocket ship is not pictured.
Google has a dinosaur

They had bicycles on campus to ride from building to building. We weren’t in that much of a hurry.
Google Bikes

Andy from Switzerland is on the left, and Jens from Germany is flexing on the right. Jens was my roommate and jogged the memory centers of my brain to produce the word furtzen, which is an onomatopoeia. He also taught me the word fahrtbier, which is like a beer to go for drinking in the street.
Listen to him now and hear him later

We got to the hotel. This was my view!
The view out the window of the room that I shared with Jens

Bharat (on the left, simply pronounced “Bart”), and Robert (on the right)


Beckett and Christie
Beckett and Christie

Bharat with beer
Bharat wears a beer

Jens sips an India Pale Ale


The Triumph of Jens
The Triumph of Jens

A T-Mobile iPhone
iPhones were everywhere

We spent some quality time getting damp at the Giants game.
Rooting for the Giants and the Reds

8 Responses to “Chocolate Plane ”

  1. I need you to take my portrait, those were great! Lets just do europe now.

  2. The Jens diptych rocks! And I wonder if anyone will comment on the final group photograph… I almost missed it the first time I saw it.

  3. What? The man and woman in the background that seem to be fighting pretty hard?

  4. Yes! It’s so amazing!

  5. It would be really cool if you created a second almost identical picture, one with six hidden different things. Like the clock is a different time, or the girl on the right is wearing a pink scarf instead of an orange one, or maybe the guy behind you guys having a fight with his girlfriend has “loser” written on the back of his blue shirt. That would be so awesome.

  6. I have a photo of some friends and myself in Haahvaahd Squayah. There’s an extra person in the photo, some guy with a half-crazed look on his face who happened to pass behind us and look at the camera at the right moment. It looks like he’s part of our group—we fondly refer to him as Crazy Omar.

  7. The phenomenon is common enough to have had its own feature in Maxim (or some men’s magazine like that).

  8. I now understand what you meant by your “survivor” comment. I heard “Chocolate Rain.” My soul is permanently scarred. Are you OK having been that close to the source?

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