I’m in Bellevue, Washington for a web development summit put on by Microsoft. The shuttle took me to the wrong Courtyard Marriott in Bellevue. The first elevator was missing the button for my floor: where there should have been a button was a hole with loose wires in it. It has been a strange day.

I am going to go find some sort of food on the mean streets of the city.

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  1. Good luck scavenging. Fed the fish & they are perfectly fine. I watched a girly movie tonight, too. Planet Terror gave me really weird dreams last night. I doubt that Miss Potter will!

  2. Miss Potter rawks, Sarah!

    Jesse, do yourself a favor and get the hell out of Bellevue and into Seattle the first chance you get. And pray you don’t run into my relatives.

  3. Dammit. I want to watch Miss Potter. Oh Ewan McGregor, you’re so dreamy. I mean, uh, Renee Zellweger.

  4. I will copy it.

  5. Oh Seattle! How I love thee. Let me count the ways:
    1) Pike’s Place Market
    2) Post Alley
    3) The Alibi Room in Post Alley (great bar - right across from the gum wall where you MUST leave your saliva ridden gum to stick for all eternity)
    4) Ken & Ingrid living it up in Olympia
    5) The islands!
    6) The whales
    7) The microbreweries
    Damn, are you sure you want to move to California? Sure that your SAD can’t take Seattle?

  6. I hereby decree that we should ALL move to Seattle next year. Sarah, screw grad school. Transfer to UW and be with me. Jesse, party hearty with the whales. Lisa, there are probably fewer tense people in Seattle than elsewhere, because it’s such a great place, but I’m sure there are still plenty of people in need of massages! Rock on, Seattle.

  7. People everywhere need massages. We should totally move. Stan and Jesse can work at Microsoft. Sarah can make a living taking nature photos. Noah can grow up hale and hearty in the foothills of the mountains. All would be well.

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