Still In Seattle

I haven’t gotten out to sightsee at all — instead I have been shuttled to and from the Microsoft campus and generally trapped in a large conference room while Microsoft sold and sold and sold to us. Chris Kelly and I scrambled to assemble a presentation while my hangover solidified and settled over me. We were asked more questions than most of the other presentations, which might imply interest, or maybe the attendees were so flabbergasted by our overall shabbiness that they simply had to know how we snuck in. The secret attendee chatroom even had a snide remark:

“Do you think when his mother asked for help he just yelled up the stairs?”

I responded later “there aren’t stairs in the trailer,” but the timing was ruined. If you’re friends with someone and you make a joke at their expense, you have to give them a chance to come back with witty rejoinder.

Then again, I might not have had a response: my brain was being dragged under by the weight of my swollen liver. Microsoft tried to buy its way into my heart with free tequila but only managed to get into my pants. Yes, I did bad things to my new copy of Windows Vista Ultimate when I got back to my room last night. DON’T JUDGE ME!

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  1. Uh oh, you let Microsoft into your pants, you little hussy! Better watch out, because they’re trying to get you by the you-know-whats…

    That’s it. Next year you’re required to visit us in Seattle, and we won’t let you go anywhere near the eastern shore of Lake Washington. I’ve got Microsoft’s number.

  2. Wow. First, a close encounter with Tay Zonday, then, not long enough later, an even more vicious close encounter in the lair of the Whore of Babylon. Jesus! Watch your you-know-whats, indeed. You’re going to need them when you apply for the position of Summit Brewing’s First-Ever IT Manager, where you-know-whats are a BFOQ.

  3. FYI, that snide remark was in reference to your mention of the guy who’s answered 10,000 forum posts (help requests), and your other notes about how everyone’s mother uses Gallery.

    Not you.

    Though you seem to have taken it pretty personally…….. … (-:

    It was nice meeting you in Seattle, even though you seem to think that I “look like [an] open source guy”, and I promptly forgot your name.


  4. Sean, it was nice meeting you, too. I really enjoyed eavesdropping on the cognoscenti of PHP. It was a sharp contrast to the University and my daily life where references to PHP are either met with either blank stares or open disdain.

    Of course I took the comment personally — whether it was me, Chris, or anyone else on the team, we’re all family. You also have to factor in that this is my personal blog where I rant and rave to friends and family.

    As to the open source comment — it wasn’t you in particular — rather I was referencing Paul Jones’s comment in the mailing list.

    I think a group of PHP developers will be easy to pick out in a
    crowd. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    It sounds like you’re a little sensitive yourself — and that’s okay.

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