Wishlist Remix

Sarah asked me just the other day what I wanted for winter holiday gift-giving. It was then that I noticed the smear of decorations defiling our fine city. Too soon. Too soon.

First, the mechanical wish lists that I update on various internet sites
Oh my god, Zappos: shoe wishlist
Amazon: Shop internetally, buy locally
Geek: Thinkgeek.com (goofy t-shirts that I would be glad to explain)
bhphoto: lenses
Rose and Isabel: Magical realism during the civil war (look for the paypal link)

Kegerator kit (beer is good for you, gin is not)
A Wacom tablet
Hellboy comics trade paperback #5
Any Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense comic or trade paperback
Preacher trade paperback #5
Doctor Who DVD box sets (the new ones!)
drawing pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
Laptop sleeve
A Marshall Stack
A gift certificate to the Electric Fetus
A case of delicous and nutritious Summit beer
A bottle of really good tequila
Deep Fryer (with cool touch outside)
12V cordless drill (I’m borrowing John’s until I put those doors on that cabinet. I should do that)
A gift certificate to the Inklab or Steady Tattoo

“But I want to pick something out just for you!”
Errr… I dunno. I’ll work on this some more.

3 Responses to “Wishlist Remix ”

  1. Oh, oh. I bought all the wrong things for you. I guess I better start over.

  2. I found the place/person I am getting my bluebird/butterfly/sunset tattoo. It’s www.tatusbykore.com. Kore has done a lot of work on one of my coworkers and it’s amazing. I think it’s going to happen for my birthday.

  3. Hmmm… the two requests for a monkey on your birthday wishlist seem to be conspicuously absent here. This can mean only one thing: you’ve got a secret monkey stashed away somewhere! And it’s not in your pants.

    And thank you for the wishlist :)

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