Dear Mother

I’m afraid that your stock pot has been stolen by Smelton McNasty and his turkey Turkley.

You’ll have to negotiate with the nefarious twosome.
The Nefarious Duo

3 Responses to “Dear Mother ”

  1. Didn’t Smelton McNasty depart with FB Dave?

  2. Hey, Smelton was a former loan officer of mine. He was nasty then and I bet he hasn’t changed a wit. To whit, bring back my pot, dammit, so I’ll at least have something to piss into.

    P.S. Is that your original drawing, dear? My, how talented you are. You do prouden a mother’s heart! Have you ever considered writing and illustrating comic books?

  3. I’m really sorry, but after collecting my cookpot tonight, I accidentally ran over and flattened poor Smelton on my way home. Sorry, so sorry. Well, maybe not.

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